Gift ideas for the grad

Curran Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief

As graduation comes closer, many people wonder what gifts they can get for their graduates other than just an envelope of cash.

Here are some gift ideas for those who might need some help finding out the perfect gift for the grad in their family.

Laptop, iPad, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, etc.: Apple offers discounts to college students, students who have their admission papers or college parents. Although this is in the more expensive range of gifts, the graduate will definitely be using it in college especially in class when they are taking notes and doing various homework assignments and projects. Microsoft also offers discounts to college students.

A beautiful piece of jewelry: get your daughter, sister or friend a piece of jewelry like a necklace, bracelet or earrings with their college’s school colors. Or you can select jewelry that you think that they would like, colors or not. Kendra Scott offers unique pieces of jewelry that you can either leave as it is or customize with different colors.

A good quality backpack for college the next year: Lightweight, durable, water resistant, and in lots of great colors, this backpack is both stylish and practical. Consider the Swedish company Fjallraven – Kanken for the graduate who will need a backpack that can withstand all types of weather, while also looking stylish. 

Coffee maker or electric tea kettle: As a college student, they willl be experiencing many all nighters and late night study sessions. To aid them with these situations purchase a Keuring Coffee Machine or and electric tea kettle that doesn’t require a stove for those who are tea drinkers.

Drink tumblers: Your graduate a drink tumbler with their school logo or mascot, it will help them get in the school spirit while also providing them something easy to use to travel with their drinks.

Gift cards to local restaurants in the area of the students future campus: A good idea would be to research the restaurants that are in the area near the graduate’s campus. Buy them gift cards to the local eateries to help ease the stress of saving money in order to eat out with friends or have a quick dinner.

Gym classes: give the student the gift of gym classes, whether it be to an actual gym or yoga studio in the area that the student will be attending campus. Working out can help the student relieve stress while also working off all the fast food that they will be eating now that they are independent and won’t have someone telling them that Chick-Fil-A three days in a row isn’t the best idea.

College logo gifts: Get your graduate school jackets, blankets, hats, and more. Your graduate will be excited to sport the new college gear that they have received and it will definitely be put to use during the school year.

Dorm room games: To help ensure that your graduate will not be bored while in their dorms get them some fun board games that they can play with their roommates and other friends that they will make. Some examples are What Do You Meme?, Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and many more.

Family memento: If you want to give your graduate something meaningful, passing down a family heirloom or something that belongs to the family that you know your graduate will cherish forever are good gift ideas.

These are just some of the many different options that you can use to get as a graduation gift. These are sure to bring a smile to your graduate’s face and will be something that they cherish when they start college.