Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing takes over the Grotto this weekend

Emma Califato, Managing Editor

Much Ado About Nothing, this year’s annual Theatre in the Grotto event, premiered on Thursday.

Much Ado About Nothing is a play with two storylines and two couple: one couple is madly in love and they want to get married. The other couple, on the other hand, act like they don’t want to be in love and they don’t want to be married.

“There is a lot of Shakespearean miscommunication going on and [the audience] knows that she loves him and he loves her but there are a lot of difficulties with their marriage,” said junior Isabelle Buchanan who plays the role of Antonia.

Antonia is a major role in the play and she is the mother of the main character, Beatrice. According to Buchanan, Antonia governs the house with her Leonata, and is all about proper etiquette and doing what’s right for her family.

For Buchanan, the most important lesson that can be learned from Much Ado About Nothing is that deceit will always be justified in the end and it can never go on for long.

“The cast and crew spends a lot of time working on it and it’s not only just to show what we love to do, but also everyone should love watching [other students] whether they know them or not,” Buchanan said. “They are telling [you] a story.”