Weathering MD School Policies During El Niño

Navigating through tardies, heavy traffic and dress code during California's wet winter season

Isabella Balandran

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This winter at Mater Dei High School, students will have to worry about El Niño as it was scheduled to hit in February. Projected flooding and overall increased traffic will prove to be an overall inconvenience in students’ daily lives.

“Yes, rain can be an issue because it can cause traffic due to people taking the time to drive safely and slowly,” said freshman Sofia Delgadillo.

Even though leaving early for school is a hard goal to accomplish, it may have to be met while El Niño is occurring. With flooded roads and lots of traffic, leaving earlier than normal will be students’ best bet to get to school on time.

“As of right now, we haven’t set up a cushion for time. We’ll have to take it by a day-by-day basis,” said Director of Attendance and Discipline, Jeff Diulio. “If there’s any accident on the freeway, we’ll definitely take it into consideration [on marking students late].”

Along with worrying about the timing of arriving at school, students also have to worry about the dress code.

“I would like to be able to wear big jackets because being in a skirt and uniform is uncomfortable and cold while in the rain,” said sophomore Hannah Rezner.

The dress code will not change, contrary to what most students had hoped.

“The rules say that they will have to wear a Mater Dei jacket,” Dean of Students Kathleen Immel said.

If El Niño does happen, it is said to be one for the books. Purchasing a oversized, nylon Mater Dei or college jacket might be the best bet for staying warm at school while meeting the dress code rules.

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