2016 Apps of the Year

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2016 Apps of the Year

Finn Norell, Staff Writer

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Instagram: Still ranking in the top charts for the year, it’s hard to not mark Instagram as anything but a staple app for any iPhone user. Instagram is there for your trendy pictures and all those food pictures too. You’ll find this app on almost every phone and it’s a lifeline for most teenagers.

Snapchat: Who can live without a streak? I sure can’t. Snapchat is a must for all teens. Having those streaks with your best friend and sharing those stories at the beach-priceless.

Starbucks: An Orange County essential for all. With the all new mobile ordering, you beat the lines and get your drink fast. For any teen getting your Starbucks with five minutes until school starts is nerve wracking so order ahead!

Waze: With many new drivers on the road, traffic is suddenly a realization for us. Waze helps you beat traffic by reporting incidents and letting you know where the traffic is ahead. The app even reroutes you so you arrive at destination quicker!

Spotify: For all MD students listening to your favorite tunes and your friend’s playlists, this app an essential.

Twitter: I’ll retweet that one! Twitter is for all the daily vibes and memes that your are feeling. Get tweets for every sports play or even when the new Kylie Lip Kit is out. You need this app.

Pokemon Go: As fast as this went into the number one app in the store, it dropped out of the store. This was a summertime favorite for all. You could go anywhere and see people trying to find the new Poke Stops and throwing those Pokeballs.


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