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Beyond the Locker Room: Remigio gives insight into life off football field

Each month, The Scarlet Scroll will choose one top Monarch athlete in order to highlight their personal life beyond the locker room.

Mia Hawkins, Staff reporter

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Olivia Rangel

Remigio bolts across the field during the Monarchs' week 2 game versus La Mirada.

Photo by Mia Hawkins

Senior varsity football wide receiver and UC Berkeley commit Nikko Remigio is known for his skills on the field. However, there’s more to Remigio than most know.

The Scarlet Scroll: What kind of activities were in your life before football?
Nikko Remigio: I live by the beach so my dad never really pushed football, but he encouraged hobbies like fishing, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding. But I played a lot of sports when I was younger like basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse. But when I got to high school I narrowed it down.

Considering you played so many sports when you were younger, how did you choose football?
Well, I started when I was about four so I’d say just the intensity of it. I’m a pretty intense person so just having that whole atmosphere on the field is something I’m addicted to I guess.

What’s something that sets you apart but also helps you to contribute to the team?
I think being able to bring the team together, not really in a demanding way, but being able to earn the respect of the team and having guys buy into the leadership role and buy into working together and not being individuals is something that I acquire.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
I hate talking about myself. Probably my favorite thing about myself is being able to be an older brother to two really [cool] little brothers.

Are you more of a people person or do you prefer to stay in?
I’m definitely a people person. I love socializing.

If you had the means to travel anywhere in the world, somewhere you’ve been and somewhere you haven’t, where would you go and why would you choose to go?
I’d say my favorite place is probably Hawaii just because we have a lot of family over there and it’s like a second home. But somewhere I would probably want to travel is Japan…

What do you envision as a perfect day?
I’d say a perfect day revolves around your mood, really. I think you make your perfect day.

What is one of your most embarrassing moments that you don’t mind talking and laughing about now?
So like, in first grade, I had to pee like really bad and my teacher didn’t believe me ‘cause I would always go to the bathroom and not participate. And I really had to pee and then she like made us spread out on the black top and she made everyone face inside and she started making us do jumping jacks and I literally peed my pants like in front of everybody and I had to go to the office so that was pretty embarrassing.

What song would you deem your guilty pleasure song?
I don’t really have one. Probably “No Sense” by Justin Bieber… actually that’s a good song, dude! No, that song’s legit – I’m not embarrassed by that actually at all.

Who is your favorite musical artist and favorite genre of music?
My dad … was a musician when he was younger so he kinda really broadened my spectrum for music so I think there’s a great artist in every genre of music and every genre of music has at least one good song. I promise you, you will at least find one … Yes, even country. I never thought I’d like country but there’s some good ones.

Lastly, is there anything else you want for people to know about you?
I don’t wanna give up too much about myself… No, I’m just kidding, I mean you pretty much covered everything. That’s me.

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Beyond the Locker Room: Remigio gives insight into life off football field