Beloved facilities staffer surprised with car from Helpful Honda

Kristen Castillo, Editor-in-Chief


Victor Bautista is no stranger to being a helpful hand on campus. From general maintenance to greeting students every day, Bautista’s presence does not remain unnoticed. As a result of his kindness, the Helpful Honda team visited campus Wednesday to gift Bautista a 2018 Honda Civic after English teacher Jill Cavotta nominated Bautista for the prize.

During the Super Bowl last month, SoCal Honda released a commercial inviting viewers to participate in a scavenger hunt. After completing the puzzle, viewers were able to nominate someone who is deserving of a brand new Honda Civic.

As Bautista checked out his new car, supportive students cheered and chanted his name.

“I love you everybody! I love you Mater Dei!” Bautista told his audience.

The most unique aspect of his car is a custom license plate frame with his motto: “No problems only solutions.”

On Wednesday during office hour, supportive students, faculty and staff gathered in the Grotto to welcome Bautista and be a part of the Helpful Honda’s commercial filming.

“If you come into school with a bad mood you can always count on Victor to be there to remind you that there are only solutions in this world and that you have live a positive life,” senior Fereshteh Bunk told reporters.