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SMILE FOR THE CAMERA: The 1988-89 yearbook shows the first Scarlet Scroll staff with their advisor, Susan Diaz. As a new publication, the newspaper staff had to put extra care into making sure what they were reporting on set a positive precedent for the paper on campus. “The administration at the time was very afraid that the Scroll would immediately turn into a format where students could just take pop shots at [them],” Gene Jimenez, a member of the 1988-89 staff, said. “And when we showed them that we could actually produce [something] as semi-responsible adults, it was a big deal.”
The History of the Scarlet Scroll
November 24, 2021

From stories to photojournalism to comic strips, The Scarlet Scroll is the only student newspaper of Mater Dei. But, despite its unique position on campus, its history is...

BLAST FROM THE PAST: The Mater Dei student body assembles for one of the first times around Mary Mater Dei in the Grotto. In 1950, a Catholic women’s organization called the Young Ladies Institute generously donated a statue of Mary, the same statue that blesses the Grotto today. The school quickly adopted Mary as its patroness and gave her a prime position in the center of the Grotto. “There was always a grotto,” Talarico said. “But Mary was in the middle. It was kind of intimate.” (Photo courtesy of Mater Dei High School)
How Mater Dei has changed since its founding
November 24, 2021

  Every Monday through Friday, Mater Dei students step on to campus and prepare for another school day. Students eat lunch in the LeVecke, play sports in the Meruelo...

EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY: On the far left are reference images that makeup lead Kemper Rodi and the rest of her team used for inspiration while designing makeup looks for the character of Ariel in The Tempest. The middle image is the initial design for her makeup look, while the image on the right is the final look used in the show. These pictures show how makeup looks can change over the course of  production. “While I do love my makeup looks and I do have very high expectations for them, some of those expectations are not realistic.” Rodi said. “While I was doing The Tempest, I had this huge [idea] for Ariel where I wanted Ariel completely painted white, but then we got into the process and we realized that [the concept] would be a conflict with [the other characters] costumes. So I had to basically narrow it down [and modify] the look.” (Photo courtesy of Kemper Rodi)
The makeup designers of theatre
November 24, 2021

After over a year of being off stage, the theatre program put on their production of The Tempest in the Grotto. One aspect of the show was its use of makeup and hairstyling...

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