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Santa Ana in 2016: Día de Los Muertos

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If there is anything that can bring others together it is certainly culture and love. The Noches de Altares definitely contributed to the spread of culture and love.

The main purpose of this event was to celebrate the Mexican culture and tradition of Dia de los Muertos. When walking down the streets lined up with altars, concession stands and merchandise, the atmosphere changes completely. It was no longer Santa Ana, it was a celebration for everyone around this world. Left and right there are people with different ethnicities and backgrounds all celebrating a culture that has become so universal in such a small city. As you walk down the streets, the altars are glowing with candles, pictures and religious figures. The altars represented family members, celebrities and organizations. The culture thrived in the community and the Noches de Altares brought others together to celebrate a tradition where our world can pay respect to the loved ones who have passed over.

If the sense of culture was not already present at that point, then the immense amount of love was definitely felt at the Noches de Altares. The effort this community put into decorating altars and representing the dead was definitely heartwarming. Everywhere you looked there were many people who were mourning, celebrating, and spreading love for the dead. The altars represented a story of life and love and it gave everyone a peak into a family history and culture. It seemed that love was one of the central themes at this event and it really showed what the night was all about. It was about spreading love and centering in into the hispanic culture for one happy celebration.

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Santa Ana in 2016: Día de Los Muertos