Instagram-worthy spots can be found anywhere

Mekala Valentin, Culture Editor

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  • IT’S LIT: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is one of the more popular museums in the LA area. Their infamous street light lamps are known to make a frequent appearance on Instagrams. “The LACMA’s art is really aesthetically pleasing and great for the gram,” junior Izabella Roeser said.

  • GOING UP: The Irvine Spectrum is known for its seasonal Christmas tree and ice rink and year round roller coaster. “The roller coaster is a great place to take a cute picture for anyone’s Instagram really," sophomore Kaitlyn Alday said. "When you get to the top you can see the skyline of the city, which makes a beautiful background."

  • ART IN HIDDEN CORNERS: Some picture-perfect places aren’t the obvious choices. For example, 4th Street Market in Santa Ana features colorful walls in their outdoor patio where you can enjoy the marketplaces' food ranging from lobster sandwiches all the way to pizza. “After school, I love going to this place because I can grab a bite, take a photo, and then be on my way,” Roeser said.

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With our generation’s desire to constantly up our social media game, knowing where the ideal place to take a photo is crucial. From beachy landscapes and to colorful graffiti walls, southern California is full of trendy, Instagram-worthy backdrops.

“One of my all-time favorite places that I took a photo at for my Instagram was the LACMA museum [in Los Angeles],” sophomore Mia Guadarrama said. “They have these trendy outside lamps and giant pieces of art. Unlike a regular museum, there are life size items so it makes it easier to get different angles for the specific photo I want.”

Whether it is a garden or a pink-colored wall, many nearby cities are also home to unique photogenic places. Some well-known ones are the Anaheim Packing House in Anaheim, Pacific City in Huntington Beach, and Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine.

“Instagram isn’t really my go-to app, but when I do go to cool places like the Spectrum or Newport boardwalk, I like to put the pictures on my story,” sophomore George Castillo said.

The thing that makes a place “picture perfect” depends on what you are looking for. It may be a room that looks like it is upside-down, a giant bowl of dumplings you can sit in, or interactive walls or museum exhibits. It is up to your imagination.

“I personally love taking photos in front of murals,” junior Izabella Roeser said. “Some have butterfly wings on them, while others have words or sayings. My favorite is the giant pink wall in LA.”




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