New parking structure brings positive results

Just in time for the start of the school year, the new parking structure on campus opened to mostly positive feedback.

For example, senior Danielle Mattson parks in the structure and likes the convenience of parking on campus.

“It’s easier to get out of and [there’s] more space,” Mattson said. “…If I’m running late I’ll always have a place to park.”

The parking structure is three stories tall and longer than a football field in width. On an average school day, only the first two floors are occupied leaving nearly half of the second floor’s spots available. The size of the structure allows for plenty of parking for seniors, juniors, and some sophomores, while providing enough parking space for on-campus events.

“The structure keeps my car cool so I don’t have to go into a blazing hot car [after school],” senior Atlantis Perez said.

However, some students have suggested that adding more entrances and exits or improving traffic control outside the structure after school would allow for a better flow of traffic.

Perez suggested that there should be “…an easier flow of traffic because [us students] have to fight both the parents and other people trying to leave [in] the same way.”

Prior to this parking structure, students parked on the streets of the neighborhood, across the street in the Edinger Lot, and very few students had the privilege to park in the Main Lot.

In previous years because parking was not guaranteed, some students said they would have to deal with additional stress of finding a spot every day before the bell rang. Some also said they would be worried about parking in the neighborhood due to a lack of security The new parking structure relieves these issues by making parking at school easier and more convenient.

“I think [the structure] was well done and [is] very efficient,” said freshman Ian Tjan, who carpools with a student who parks in the structure. I think it helps a lot of people, especially [for] people who are dropping off or parking.”

Now that is has been a month into using the structure, students have been able to become accustomed to the new parking arrangements and mostly enjoy the many benefits of the structure.

“I think the parking structure is very good because it expands the parking lot and also allows for everyone…[to get] to the proper destination on time,” Tjan said. “I think it was necessary to build a parking structure because the school [is expanding] and needed more space.”