Pre-Med Club makes plans for school year

With about 100 members, the Pre-Med Club has many events planned for the year in order to be more active than ever.

According to President Talar Chadarevian, a junior, the club is geared toward students who are interested in “what nurses do, or orthopedic surgeons, or just different things that involve researching” including those who wants to pursue a career in the medical field themselves. Chadarevian said they hope to bring speakers, organize activities and help students find volunteer opportunities, similar to what the club has done in the past.

“[Our November meeting]is going to focus on volunteer opportunities because this is the time when applications will be put out and due. In December, I think we’re trying to plan a speaker or maybe a hospital tour,” Chadarevian said. “…in February, we’re gonna have CPR certification. In March, we’re having a Stop the Bleed Program which is where you learn how to stop bleeding.”

Another change to the Pre-Med Club is that they are now a part of the STEM Distinction Program. As a result, active members of the club can qualify to get a STEM seal on their diploma. Chadarevian said that the club leaders will take steps to ensure that members are truly committed in order to keep their active status.

In order to get involved, students can email Chadarevian at [email protected] to find out more information.

“I notice that when people are signing up they’re always like, “Pre-Med? I’m not smart enough for that,” And I always say, ”You don’t have to be smart to be in Pre-Med club, we’re not performing surgeries,” she said. “You just have to have an interest, even if you’re not interested but you think you might be, try something new. I hope that stigma wears off in the future.”