Red Ribbon Week ends tomorrow

Red Ribbon Week began last Wednesday and runs through tomorrow.

Initiated nationally in 1980 by National Family Partnership, Red Ribbon Week is an annual event that encourages youth to seek a drug-free life by educating students about prescription medicines, vaping, e-cigarettes, and other drugs that are dangerous to the human body.

“It’s important for students to know about Red Ribbon Week because we want them to know that this is a cause the entire Mater Dei community needs to be involved in,” said Jeanette Costa, Associate Director of Student Activities.

In order to involve Mater Dei students to learn about Red Ribbon Week, the Activities Office and the Health Office are working together to plan numerous activities during lunch time. Those activities included Thumbs Up to No Drugs, impaired goggles and obstacle course and making friendship bracelets.

Tomorrow’s theme is “Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life” and lunchtime activities include peak flow meter test, signing a contract promising to live drug free, and access to medical professionals to answer questions regarding alcohol and drug abuse.

“Students should be aware that Mater Dei is constantly looking for ways to educate our students and to raise awareness of the dangers they may encounter in their everyday lives,” Costa said.