Annual Madrigal Feast opens the Christmas season


Tiffany Le

Madrigal Feast king, senior Casey Fort stands tall as he looks out at the crowd for the closing performance.

Morgan Healy, Staff reporter

In a boisterous room filled with many voices, senior and Chambers member Casey Fort, practices for his upcoming role as the King in Madrigal Feast. This annual Christmas-themed concert took place Dec. 6 through Dec. 8 at Chapman University in Orange.

The Madrigal Feast cast is made up of all choir levels and rehearsals are held everyday following Thanksgiving break until the day of the first show.

“My preparation for Mad Feast is pretty intense,” senior Casey Fort said. “(I) have so many songs to learn in about the same time as every other concert. This means every rehearsal needs to be efficient, and the responsibility comes onto me to practice at home and be ready when our full choir rehearsals come.”

The process of being chosen as king and queen is a mystery. There is no application or a way to express the desire for this lead role. Normally, the king and queen are chosen due to their hard work and dedication to the choral program according to Director of Choral and Vocal Music, Jodi Reed.

In years prior the requirements to play the queen were at least 2 years of membership in the Chambers program and at least 3 to be king, according to senior and this years queen Kelli Chamberlain. She explains that the parts are filled based off of the good character and leadership of the student.

“…student directors aren’t chosen for king and queen, but in this case Casey Fort was chosen as assistant director and I’m very glad he did.” Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain has attended Madrigal Feast ever since she was in fifth grade. Her main goal was to be apart of the highest choir, Chambers, and sing a solo during the dinner.

“When I sat in the dinner and I watched the Chambers singers and I saw the king and queen there I wanted to do that because I have wanted to be a Chamber singer since fifth grade. I first saw them at St. Edwards festival and I said to myself that I was going to be in that choir and I’m so glad that I did.” Chamberlain said.

“A lot of things are going on (and) a ton of emotions the week around Madrigal Feast, but we all bond together to comfort each other, keep everyone excited and positive and just make beautiful music to share with everyone,” Fort said.

Fort first heard about this concert when he was in fourth grade and was invited to go to watch his sister, Lexi Fort, class of 2015.

“What really stood out to me was the dinner portion, the play, solos, and of course the king and queen. I also absolutely loved the Jesters,” Fort said.