News briefs for Nov. 2

Theatre department puts on a weekend of plays                                                 

BREAK A LEG: Actors Catherine Morales, Emily Manney, Olivia Langford, Erin Lustado, and Kendra Lubin gather at The Great Park located in Irvine, CA to rehearse and practice for The Official 19th Musical. Although masks did need to be removed for filming, staying 6 feet apart was enforced the whole duration of filming. “We want to spread the love of film through Mater Dei through this huge project,” said Olivia Wasson, director of The Official 19th Musical. (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Le.)

Starting on November 12, Mater Dei’s theatre department will be broadcasting four plays, some which are student directed, via YouTube over the four days of November 12-15. In order to watch and enjoy the performances, tickets must be purchased. Click here to buy tickets.

Olivia Wasson’s The Official 19th Musical is coming soon

Junior Olivia Wasson has been planning her semester film project since September, with the idea of actually premiering the musical style film by early December. The film is approximately one hour and features a variety of different songs. She is currently exploring ways to broadcast the film including a possible broadcast in the Monarch Way Lot. To keep up with the show, click here and drop a follow.