Cross Country team competes in second meet of the year, winning over Orange Lutheran High School


Photo courtesy of Emily Evans

RUN AS ONE: After a long wait, the Cross Country team was finally able to participate in the sport they dedicate so much time to.

On Saturday morning, the Cross Country team raced against Orange Lutheran High School on the outdoor tracks of Santa Margarita Catholic High School.

Senior Cross Country captain Tate Vigeland was proud of Saturday’s performance and felt that the race was a great chance for the team to practice their skills after a long hiatus.

“Yesterday was a really good opportunity to race, go out there, and compete,” Vigeland said. “I think it was just a really good showing of all the hard work that we had put in previously. It was a good accumulation of all those practices and gains that really showed there.”

In light of all that has happened with COVID-19, Vigeland still remains grateful for the chance to finally compete in the sport she loves.

“We had been waiting for so long,” Vigeland said. “When September passed with no races, I questioned if we were even going to get a race at all. So finally, when we were promised the season here in February, it was just a relief. I felt an overwhelming joy that we were finally able to compete.”