News briefs for March 22

Red Rally T-shirt and jeans or ASB T-Shirt and jeans today

Today, students are allowed to wear their red rally shirt and jeans. Students in ASB may wear their ASB shirt from this year and jeans instead. Remember to wear your shirt and show your MD pride!

Elective Fair comes back to campus

The annual Elective Fair is happening tomorrow. This event allows for students to see electives in more detail and ask questions. Unlike previous years, this Elective Fair will be more spaced out to accommodate social distancing and help stop large crowds of students. Any questions about the fair? Contact your counselor!

Class Officers’ campaigning kicks off

Due to the upcoming class officer election, the candidates will begin their campaigning tomorrow. Every candidate’s means of campaigning will differ, so look around for the possible posters or flyers being handed out around campus. Be sure to remember your top choices for voting day!