Students’ opinions on the top 10 Disneyland rides


Avianna Echelmeyer

Forever Fan: Junior Job Cassani, a Disneyland fan since childhood, finds nostalgia in the rides he discovered with his family as a kid. His favorites include Autopia and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, which still top his list due to their sentimental value. “Autopia’s my little sister’s favorite so I kinda have to have it on my [list],” Cassani said.

Disneyland has been a national landmark since its founding in 1955. In more recent years, the park has become more popular with teens. The addition of California Adventure Park and other attractions are directed towards older kids. These attractions include Avengers Campus, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and rides like the Incredicoaster that are more thrilling than some of the original Disney rides. This is not the only thing that attracts high school students. When speaking with students there was a consensus that nostalgia played into their reasoning for choosing their top ten favorite rides. Seeing their favorite characters come to life with the evolution of technology makes them feel like they’re in a Disney movie. They feel that this experience is what makes Disney the extraordinary place it is. 

Movie Buff: Junior Aiga Pula is a fan of all Disney movies, especially Lilo and Stitch, and favors the more traditional rides like Matterhorn and Pirates of the Caribbean. She finds herself closer to the rides because of their relationship to her favorite movies, and generally exciting experiences. “[My top rides] are all part of some of my favorite movies, but not only that, they are just fun and enjoyable overall,” Pula said.

The publications staff made it their mission to find the ultimate list of Disney rides. After polling a diverse group of students, the newspaper staff was able to rank the rides at Disney. The Top 10 Best Rides at Disney according to your very own Monarchs are:


  1. Incredicoaster
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Haunted Mansion
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
  6. Space Mountain
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean
  8. Jungle Cruise
  9. Grizzly River Rapids
  10. Matterhorn
Resistance Advocate: Dr. Sixta, a consistent visitor at Disney, expresses his very specific love for the Rise of the Resistance ride. He believes that the ride sits above all others, and how it allows you to become a part of the ride, and experience the movie. “I believe that there is only one ride worth riding at Disneyland and that is Rise of the Resistance….[it] is the absolute destroyer of all rides. I could say more but I cannot find the mic.”

Although some classic rides are still strongly favored, newer, faster rides are beginning to take the places of the originals. Rides like the Incredecoaster, the longest and most intense roller coaster at Disneyland, have become exceedingly popular. In an interview with Religion Teacher Alec Sixta, we also discovered that Rise of the Resistance, a newer addition in Star Wars Land, is a must for any Disney fan. He believes the ride is the best roller coaster in Disneyland’s history, 

“This ride is the most immersive ride that has ever been created in the entirety of human existence,” Sixta said. “This ride allows you to become part of the ride. I would love to say more but I believe everyone should just get on and ride.”

Memory Maker: Senior Jackson Morris, an enthusiastic Disney fan, finds himself favoring the original rides. His personal favorites include Winnie the Pooh and Splash Mountain due to their nostalgia and timeless fun. “Splash Mountain has a lot of sentimental value because I used to go with a lot of my friends, and we’d go on the ride every time and try to take the funniest photos possible,” Morris said.