From Broadway to Bristol: A Sophomore’s Past and Performance Future


Maya Fischbein

A BRIGHT FUTURE: Since performing on Broadway in Fun Home, Fischbein has made significant steps in expanding her performance, including music. Pictured is the behind the scenes of a music video for Fischbein’s song Let’s Get Away, “The second song I have is more of an upbeat pop style.” Fischbein said. “[…] And that’s the music video I have on Spotify and YouTube called Let’s Get Away. It’s super fun, almost like Katy Perry.”

Sophomore Maya Fischbein made her Broadway debut at nine years old as an understudy and swing (on offstage performer who covers a number of ensemble roles and goes on if someone is unable to do so) on the show Fun Home. Since appearing on Broadway, she has continued to pursue acting and music, hoping to make a career out of it in the future. This passion existed from a young age and was ignited through watching and acting in performances locally.

“I’ve always loved to sing and watch shows,” Fischbein said. “My dad would take me to the Segerstrom [Center for the Arts] to watch a bunch of shows there. I’d always be singing so of course, I did many school shows. I only did one show at a community theater and that was Les Mis and I played one of the little girls.”


“FITTING” THE PART: Fischbein, at age nine, on the Broadway show Fun Home as an understudy. “[The show is ] closed now but when I was in it, I was what you could also call a swing and an understudy. [I was] waiting backstage to go on in case the main actor for that role […] either got sick, went on vacation, or something happened in the middle of the show,” Fischbein said.

Once discovering her passion, Fischbein began taking acting seriously. Before landing her role in Fun Home she went to many auditions, requiring her to travel as far as New York.

“I just started doing auditions,” Fischbein said. “I did auditions and I would go to New York and I’d get in the final couple of kids, which is usually a really good sign when you’re getting really far in auditions, and [you think], ‘Oh, maybe this could go somewhere.’ So after the fourth or fifth audition I kept getting called back for the show [and then] I got the call and they [said], ‘Okay, we need you to be in New York in a couple of weeks.’ So we moved to New York, which was crazy.”

Once landing Fun Home, things started moving really fast for Fischbein.

“We moved to New York and rehearsals immediately started,” Fischbein said. “I had three weeks of rehearsals [with] each week [being for a] different character, so I didn’t have that much time. I had to become super independent because my parents couldn’t go backstage. They couldn’t watch my rehearsals. So it was just me. They had a babysitter, or what you would call a child guardian, that helps you throughout the show. Since I was nine, New York [felt like] a really big city and a scary place, especially when you’re that young and you’ve never lived there before. So I definitely matured really, really fast.”

Broadway opened many doors for Fischbein. Beyond its bright lights are the many stars that flock there.

“I’ve met so many people and have a lot of connections, which I think has been [very] rewarding,” Fischbein said, “I’ve met Josh Gad, who plays the voice of Olaf, Daniel Radcliffe, Cindy Walker, and Jennifer Hudson. I think one of the coolest things is the people you meet.”

After Fun Home Fischbein returned to California, and while attending school, continues auditioning for new roles.

“I keep auditioning for what I can,” Fischbein said. “It’s hard, especially not living in LA or New York where you get most of the auditions. It’s hard to make that trip to LA. So I basically do self tapes where they send me lines, like a script or a song, and I’ll just video myself doing that and send it in.”

While also continuing to audition for acting roles, Fischbein has begun pursuing music.

“I’m also producing songs now. I have two songs on Spotify,” Fischbein said. “So that’s also what I’ve been doing and I did a music video for one of them.”

Overall performing arts is a passion of Fischbein’s and when asked which of her projects has been her favorite she answered without hesitation.

“Being on Broadway,” Fischbein said. “It was a life changing experience.”