February Monarch of the Month: Andrew Strader


Kate Wasson, Editor-at-Large

Honors student, gifted athlete, and benevolent volunteer, senior Andrew Strader can now add Monarch of the Month to his list of honorable titles.

As a senior, Strader takes the most challenging and rigorous courses offered, including AP Macroeconomics, AP Language, AP Physics and AP Government.

“AP Government has been my favorite class at Mater Dei… its been a lot of fun,” said Strader. “AP Macroeconomics has been great to take this year. It was offered for the first time this year and I love taking that.”

Strader is always up for a challenge, even outside the classroom walls. After numerous attempts, Strader was able to help start up the Ice Hockey club this year.

“We’ve been trying to make it for five years, so we finally got our team and it was a pretty special thing,” he noted.

Strader has also been a member of the Varsity Football Team for the past 4 years. His greatest achievement was scoring the final touchdown in, what he referred to as ‘garbage time,’ while competing against Servite at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

“Right when the coach called the play, I knew I was going to score,” said Strader. “The play worked exactly how I wanted and I looked up and the ball was coming right into my hands. It was one of the coolest memories.”

What made this event memorable was Strader being cheered on the sidelines by both of his grandfathers watching the touchdown.

“It was a special moment for our family,” said Strader.

When he is not scoring game-changing touchdowns, Strader can be found working as the treasurer for The Forgotten Children’s Club.

“It’s an outstanding club created last year that creates awareness and raises funds. We get toys for children at the I Casa Nogar Sion Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.”

Though sports and clubs do encompass much of Strader’s life at Mater Dei, he finds time to relax while playing golf.

“I don’t play competitively, I play on the weekends. It’s time to just slow down and rest and just enjoy time with yourself,” said Strader.

As a senior, Strader has enjoyed his time at Mater Dei, saying that his favorite part of being at Mater Dei is the spirit, the community and the school. While still planning his future after Mater Dei, Strader has been accepted to the University of Indiana, though he hopes for further options.