Student Spotlight: Jayda Adams

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Student Spotlight: Jayda Adams

Sam Le, Staff Writer

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Senior Jayda Adams recently committed to Duke University to play basketball next fall.

“[I’m] playing in college and I’m super excited about that, and then I will try to make it to the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), and overseas,” Adams said.

When Jayda Adams saw her older sister, Jordan Adams, playing and training rigorously for basketball she decided to start playing.

“My inspiration would be my sister, just because I see how hard she works for everything and I just wanna be like her, and my family motivates me keep on to do better,” said Adams.

Adams has played on the girl’s basketball team all four years at Mater Dei. In her time on the team her exemplary work ethic and commitment became apparent. 

“Everyday, full time, year-round dedicated,” Coach Kevin Kiernan said.

During her sophomore year, Adams played USA Basketball and will try again in her senior year. 

“They pushed me really hard and helped me get extra shots up and work on my ball handling,” Adams said.

The Mater Dei Basketball Program has been training and creating opportunities for hundreds of basketball players. Jayda Adams experienced the great energy and support all four years being a Monarch.

“They’ve support me so much, and they’ve always been there for me since day one, so I love it,” Adams said.

She has visited the Duke campus once and plans on returning next fall for school. Until then, she is playing for Mater Dei in her senior year.