Ping Pong Club serves students, faculty of all playing levels

Ryan Nguyen, Copy Chief

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Ping Pong Club has been featured everywhere these past few weeks – they’ve appeared on Monarch Television, Club Fair, and even on the walls around campus.

Ping Pong Club was started last school year by seniors Tuan Do, the club president, and Jarvis Yuan, the vice president. With the help of their moderator, math teacher Maryann De Lorenzo, Ping Pong Club was started so students of all grades and all skills could socialize, make friends, and, of course, play ping pong.

”Ping pong is easy to learn and it’s common in many households – like, kids start playing at a young age,” Yuan said. “[It’s] also really fun to play.

Even faculty and staff members, like math teacher Rick Thompson and facilities staff member Victor Bautista, stop by to play a few rounds.

“I’ve always played ping pong,” Thompson said. “I spent a lot of my time as a kid playing and that was one of my main hobbies in high school.”

In the first few meetings, beginners will learn basic movements to expand their knowledge of the sport. According to Yuan, beginners will learn basic positions ranging from leg and hip movements to how to hold the paddle. Then, they will practice on bouncing the ball various times on the tables. Eventually, the team moves on to learn more advanced techniques to perfect their craft.

“Even though we are all at different skill levels, we all strive to follow the examples of world champions” Yuan said.

Many activities, including member-specific and school-wide competitions have been planned for the upcoming school year, according to De Lorenzo.


Club meetings take place every Wednesday after school inside or outside the LeVecke Center. Students of all skill levels are welcome.

If interested, visit Room 304 or sign up with one of the board members.

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