The Scarlet Scroll

Cruz and Father Steve Sallot, the new President of Mater Dei, prepare the Body and Blood of Christ for the Eucharist. Cruz works closely with Helen Steves who has worked at Mater Dei for 32 years. “And I believe his prayerful, intentional preparation is, to me so inspiring. When you walk into a go in there and you have [for] example 100 football players, and how he takes the Word of God to relate it to their lives. When you walk into a performing arts group, and he, who is a singer himself, he's got the most beautiful voice,” Steves said, “For him to take the word that is given to us for that day. And to take it to those who have been gifted with a performing art is another thing that I admire…”

Father Mark takes on first year as chaplain

Valerie Kramer, Content Editor/Print Manager
February 24, 2020
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