Celebrating Eucharistic Adoration at Mater Dei


Helen Steves

THE REAL PRESENCE Eucharistic Adoration is held in the Chapel every Friday during both lunches, allowing the opportunity for students to spend time with Jesus. This fosters a love for God throughout the Mater Dei community, which ultimately contributes to the worldwide Eucharistic Revival that is taking place in the Catholic Church.

Charlotte de Leon, Managing Editor

Since it was founded on Catholic principles in 1950, Mater Dei High School has continued to encourage the faith among students and faculty members alike. One of the ways Mater Dei does this is through the plethora of prayer opportunities, from the daily morning recitation of the decade of the Holy Rosary in the Grotto to lunchtime Masses. This year, another way to enrich the Catholic faith was introduced and embedded into the school day: Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

With the recent addition of Chaplain Father Mark Cruz came the opportunity for more frequent Adoration times available to the Mater Dei community. Father Mark’s decision to add Adoration was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church’s call for a Eucharistic revival worldwide.

“This year, the Catholic Church [is] promoting [a] Eucharistic revival,” Father Mark said. “So we as a modern-day Catholic community and a Catholic academic institution also seek to join the Church and commit [to] a revival and celebration of the Eucharist.”

Adoration significantly impacted Father Mark and influenced his decision to become a priest.

“My discernment process to priesthood began with Eucharistic Adoration,” Father Mark said. “My spiritual director and the vocational director advised me to go every day to Church to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, ask God what He wanted me to do in my life, and to ask for His direction for the discernment I was making.”

Every Friday, for the first 10-15 minutes of both lunches, Eucharistic Adoration is held in the Chapel. The monstrance containing the Real Presence of Jesus is brought out to the altar, allowing students the opportunity to connect with Jesus.

Department Chair of Religious Studies and Religion Teacher Kendra Hart believes that Adoration is an excellent way to offer up all worry to God, clearing the mind of excessive, worldly clutter.

“[Adoration] gives us an opportunity to go and give any worry [and] stress that we have to Jesus, and offer it up to the Lord in prayer,” Hart said.

The quiet nature of Adoration plays a significant role in calming Hart’s mind and forming a deep and loving bond with Jesus.

“But sometimes I like Adoration just to sit in silence. That silence impacts me a lot because my day is filled with noise all the time. When I am able to sit in the silence in the chapel and sit in the presence of Jesus, it calms my mind and my heart,” Hart said.

Sophomore Clara Wickwire also appreciates the silence of Adoration. It helps her to focus on the Lord and offer up any stress to Him.

“I go to Adoration because sometimes the world is too chaotic in my personal life,” Wickwire said. “It’s very peaceful and calm, so it’s just like a break from everything. It makes my relationship with Him stronger and more dependable.”

Adoration is the highlight of Senior Jadyn Coulter’s experience during religious retreats. Now that Adoration is held every Friday, she can personally soak up the moment with Jesus during the school day. Coulter shares what she enjoys most about Adoration.

“When I’m at Adoration, I can just talk to God face-to-face because he’s actually present physically [in the] monstrance,” Coulter said. “I feel like I really have a connection to Him there and I get to truly talk to Him.”

Adoration is not only about sitting in silence with God, but also actively proclaiming His goodness with fellow Catholics. For example, Scripture readings and personal reflections on the Eucharist are shared among the people present. Additionally, on the last Friday of every month, Eucharistic Adoration is paired with praise and worship songs.

“The combination of singing and having the presence of Jesus there is just really, really cool for me and it makes me feel so grateful inside,” Coulter said.

Coulter encourages fellow students to attend Adoration for the benefits of a clear mind, calm heart, and renewed relationship with Christ. She explains how it is through Adoration that the Real Presence of Jesus is truly made manifest.

“A lot of times when you’re praying you feel like oh, I’m just talking to air, there’s nothing here,” Coulter said. “But when you’re at Adoration, you’re really talking to something and you’re talking to God in front of you. So if you’re feeling like you need that strengthened in your relationship with God, go to Adoration.”