News briefs for Sept. 25

Curran Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief

Utah swimmer speaks to FAM huddle

Former University of Utah swimmer Nolan Rogers spoke to students yesterday at the FAM Huddle. Rogers spoke about persevering in the world of college sports and how he was able to accomplish his goals as a swimmer through hard work and faith.

Varsity girls volleyball win against Santa Margarita

The varsity girls volleyball team played and won against Santa Margarita Catholic High School in an away game at Santa Margarita. The girls are now 17-3 overall, and 3-0 in the Trinity League.

Tomorrow is Deaf for a Day

Several American Sign Language students will be participating in Deaf for a Day tomorrow during the school day. This annual ASL tradition is when the students wear noise cancelling headphones and try to experience a day as someone who lives without hearing or are hard of hearing.