Students find a balance, helpful tips for time management

Jenny Nguyen, Staff Reporter 

School, life, and work – these are three key factors that many students learn how to balance throughout their academic year. According to Klient SoluTech, time management is a necessary skill for students to have in order to prevent becoming overwhelmed and become more successful in controlling their lives. Some students have developed useful habits and skills to help them balance their schoolwork, job, and extracurriculars. 

Make a schedule

Senior Natalia Reyes works at Target as a floor sales person, and has been an employee there for almost a year, working three days a week on weekdays. 

“It’s usually just wake-up in the morning, and head over on the train, and then head back and take my car,” Reyes said. “I have to change usually at school so then when I get to work I’m actually prepared. I get off at 9:00-9:30, depending, and then get home at 10:00, and from there do my homework and study.” 

During her time working at Target, Reyes’ experience has taught her to better formulate a flow between school and her job. She explained that by having a schedule, she can stay on top of her tasks.

“Definitely a schedule always helps, so knowing when you have everything… you should know when you have work and usually tests and homework… but as long as you stay on top of other things then you know you can plan it out and have a little planner,” Reyes said. “You can write out everything and do little check boxes so you actually have to be on top of completing this and that.”

Plan ahead

Freshman Dagny Canzoneri works at TKTC (The Kids Theater Company) in Long Beach and runs a nonprofit organization for kids with special needs. She works 10-30 hours a week at the theatre and 2-3 hours every week for the nonprofit. At school she is involved in multiple clubs, the school musical and intermediate choir. 

“I grew up in the theatre program and was offered a position when I turned fourteen, and my friend started the nonprofit two years ago and needed help with it so she asked me to join,” Canzoneri said.

Even though it was stressful in the beginning with the overlapping between jobs and school work, Canzoneri learns to balance her time by constantly updating and organizing her schedule ahead of time.

“It overlaps a lot [and] it’s stressful, but I’m used to it,” Canzoneri said. “[I balance my time by doing] a lot of planning out, like I plan months ahead.”

Stay on top of assignments

Sophomore Clare Vincent is a barista at Bogart’s in Seal Beach and she works twice a week. She is also involved in theatre and is a member of the Vivace choir. 

“I work closing so I have the [time to] do my homework, then go to work, and that’s it basically, unless I have rehearsal or something,” Vincent said.

As a barista and a student, her job has trained her to improve on her time management skills. 

“I have to do homework days ahead, because I work closing so I have to make sure everything is done, because I won’t have time to do it at work,” Vincent said. “Do your homework ahead of time, that’s all I can say.”