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Quiz: Which Bowie Song Are You?

Emma Moore and Holly Nance

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Ever wonder what you and your fave David Bowie song have in common? Take this quiz, tally up your answers and find out!

What is your current mood?

a. detached

b. confident

c. happy

d. stressed

Describe your clothing style.

a. trendy

b. casual

c. expensive

d. sweatpants

Favorite school subject.

a. Art

b. English

c. History

d. Lunch

Favorite store.

a. Urban Outfitters

b. thrift shops

c. boutiques

d. Target

Favorite make-up style?

a. extra

b. slightly less extra


d. what is makeup?

Favorite Netflix original.

a. Stranger Things

b. 13 Reasons Why

c. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

D. Orange is the New Black

Favorite school book.

a. Crime and Punishment

b. Macbeth

c. The Great Gatsby

d. The Crucible

Favorite MD lunch food?

a. sushi

b. cookies

c. salad

d. chicken tenders and fries

Favorite current artist.

a. Mac Demarco

b. Alicia Keys

c. The Growlers

d. Taylor Swift


Mostly A’s: Space Oddity

You’re hip, funky, and cool. Sometimes you feel like an outsider but everyone knows you’re the life of the party.

Mostly B’s: Heroes

You’re timeless, confident and everybody’s friend. People constantly seek you out for advice and you are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Mostly C’s: Velvet Goldmine

Way to go,man … you’re chill, relaxed and always down for a good jam sesh. Chances are you play an instrument; if you don’t, you should.

Mostly D’s: Under Pressure

Honestly, same. High-key stress ball but it’s just because of school … right?

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Quiz: Which Bowie Song Are You?