School dances are more memorable, comfortable without a date

Yahaira Rodriguez, Managing Editor

Jasmine Nguyen
A group of friends, Emily Matthew, Kyla Martinez and Christine Vu, hang out inside the Meruelo Athletic Center during the dance on October 22.

“Who is going?” “What dress do I wear?” “Should we rent a bus this year?”

Many students strived to make their Homecoming dance, which was just about a month ago, the most memorable school event possible. While students planned their attire, their transportation and other parts of the special day, the most important question was if whether it would be better to go with a date or with friends.

In my opinion, students needed to ditch the idea of going with a date, and go to Homecoming and other school dances with their friends instead. High school is only four short years, which means you have to make the most of it. Students should surround themselves with the best and most reliable people: their friends.

If one goes with a date, there is always the possibility that they may end up breaking up – whether before or after the event. This just makes for an awkward situation or memories. But with friends, there is likely to be happy memories that will last for a life time.

Also, with a date, either party might feel the pressure to fulfill an expectation that they have to look and act a certain way. Thus, it’s hard to feel comfortable and carefree, like you would among friends who have already accepted you for who you are. With a date, students can’t be themselves and will have to overthink everything they say or do when with a date. But with your friends, this isn’t a problem. In fact, you could be free to meet new people throughout the dance in a relaxed way.

Another positive aspect of going with friends is that you are able to plan the whole event with them. When I went to Homecoming with my friends, I was able to plan where to go and where to meet. However, with a date, you often feel like you have to make plans that would make your partner happy. This is another instance where the other person won’t feel comfortable or be able to be themselves.

High school lasts a short time, and Homecoming and other high school dances are experiences that we’ll be reminiscing about for years to come. Therefore, you should make it the best experience by surrounding yourself with your best friends. Being able to attend dances with my friends have been some of my favorite high school memories, and I can’t wait to spend Homecoming again with them during my senior year.