Mater Dei’s athletic trainers and what they do


Mater Dei Athletics

The athletic training team is made up of professional trainers and student volunteers that participate in the Sports Medicine class to get extra hands-on training and experience. Most of these students help out during the bigger seasons, like football season and basketball season, and it’s a bit less of a rush during the other sports.

Mater Dei is one of the top schools for athletics with some of the best student athletes in the nation. With so many sports practices and games going on daily, injuries are unfortunately bound to happen. Thankfully, Mater Dei has implemented an Athletic Trainers Department sponsored by Hoag to assist with the athletes.

Kevin Anderson, Head Athletic Trainer, has been in the athletic training field for over eleven years, at Mater Dei for almost five, and enjoys every last bit of. He knew this is what he wanted to do since he was a kid.

“I have always been great in science classes and have had a passion for health and wellness,” Anderson said. “In addition, I love sports. For me, it was a no brainer to combine these fields to establish my career. I love that I can have a direct or indirect positive impact on an athlete’s ability to perform on the field, and I get the opportunity to watch the athlete’s performance. I believe it’s one of the best jobs in the world.”

So what exactly do Athletic Trainers do? From instructing simple stretches to saving lives, the job of an athletic trainer can be unpredictable.

“The Sports Medicine Center at Mater Dei gives the school a covering in case a student-athlete, coach, or staff sustain a sudden injury/illness, we are here to provide care using the skills/tools that we have been trained to use,” Anderson said. “It also gives people on campus a sense of security knowing that we are here for them.”

Many students have found themselves interested in becoming athletic trainers themselves or have felt a calling to help out with sports medicine. There is now a course available on campus and many opportunities for students to lend a hand.

“Students can come to see me in the athletic training room or send me an email to express interest in helping us out,” Anderson said. “We prefer students who are either in the sports-medicine class or plan to take the class. Students must first observe to make sure that they are a good fit and to gauge if this is something that they would like to commit to. Once it is determined that there is a strong interest and the fit is right, then they will be required to get their First Aid, CPR, and AED certification, and they will sign our sports medicine contract.”

Athletic Trainer, Sydnie Green, loves being in the Athletic department and finds that this department is not just open for athletes but to everyone.

“The significance about the sports medicine center is that our doors are always open and welcome to everybody,” Green said. “Yes, we treat sports injuries, but we are also available to those who need to talk or vent, or even need any advice about something. It is a very welcoming environment.”

Mater Dei brings in athletes from all over the world, making the athletic department incredibly diverse.

“My favorite part about Athletic Training is getting to interact with all the different athletes and learn about their backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, and why they choose the sport they did,” Green said.

Another athletic trainer, Franky Partida, grew up in the sports world and knows how horrible injuries can be.

“I became an athletic trainer because of a personal experience,” Partida said.”“After suffering a season ending injury during [my] senior year in high school, my high school Athletic Trainer, Moe, helped me with my recovery. Although I had physical therapy twice a week, I did most of my rehabilitation at school. Moe was always there to challenge me and make sure I was meeting my rehab goals.”

With hundreds of student athletes at Mater Dei, the athletic trainers office is always filled with people every day. Partida enjoys the interaction she has with the student athletes and coaches alike. She finds MD to be a welcoming and encouraging environment.

“[At Mater Dei], we have three full time Athletic Trainers and serve over 1,500 student athletes year-round,” Partida said. “Being part of a special place like Mater Dei High School, the energy level of sports is premier, [as well as] the championship mentality, and great administrative support.”