News briefs for Tuesday, Oct. 30

Tiffany Le, Staff reporter for the CROWN Yearbook

Students with 4.0 GPA recognized

Celebrating the first Academic Excellence Ceremony of the year, sophomores, juniors and seniors who attained a 4.0 GPA or higher during the last semester received certificates during the Academic Excellence Ceremony last night at 7 p.m. in the LeVecke Center. “Academic Excellence is a fantastic opportunity for the administration of the school to honor and acknowledge the incredible work that goes on in the classroom every single day,” said assistant principal academics and technology Geri Campeau. “A really great number of students sacrifice a lot to achieve a 4.0 and so we want to make sure we have a special night for them and that we are able to acknowledge and recognize then.”

Instrumental music program performs Halloween classics

In the spirit of Halloween, the instrumental music program, including the school orchestra, guitar program, wind ensemble, band and colorguard, performed famous tunes and songs in the Grotto on Saturday night. This concert included music genres ranging from classical to rock ‘n roll and included a costume contest for anyone who wants to participate. “It was a very nice experience and there was free food,” colorguard sophomore Catherine Nguyen said. “I liked the music being performed.”

Thanksgiving Outreach begins this week

Starting Thursday, Campus Ministry will be holding their annual Thanksgiving Outreach to collect non-perishable food for the less fortunate. Campus Ministry holds three outreach efforts throughout the school year – the Thanksgiving Outreach, the Christmas Outreach and the Lenten Outreach – that invite students to donate items to help the local community. “Be the good in the world, be the person who can help, be the one who can make a difference, and there are so many people that are out there that are hungry particularly in our area … people just can’t afford it and it’s expensive…” Christian Service Director Stephanie Hopkins said. “If we know they’re hungry, this is our feast time and, if we can share the feast, [we can] do what we can to make a difference”