Freshman students persevere with love and service


Photo courtesy of Tiffany Le

GIFT OF SONG: Leading the retreat in a sing-along, senior Kaitlyn Staats teaches the retreatants the melody to “River of Hope” as liturgical music director Steve Viau and senior Giselle Garcia accompany Staats with their guitars. Retreat Director Kendra Hart designed the retreat to replicate the Freshman Day of Welcome that the freshmen missed out such as bonding games, a sing- along, and various art activities. “I am excited to spend some time with my friends and grow closer to God,” freshman Joaquin Iglesias said.

Despite everything that has happened within the past year, Mater Dei has continued to surge forward in prayer and meditation, focusing on the faith-filled mindsets of the students. Campus Ministry is hosting the Freshman Class Retreat on Feb. 19 or Feb. 23. The retreats are to be held on campus from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

As a community built on faith and service, this year’s theme for the Freshman Class Retreat is “Love and Service.”

“I hope to meet new people that I might not have met and maybe even make a couple new friends,” freshman Joaquin Iglesias said.

Admission fees for this retreat are $20 and as availability is limited in light of current events, spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

“I am most excited for having a good time with my friends because I have not seen them too much this year,” freshman Nicholas Ortiz said.

To learn more about the Freshman Retreat and other upcoming retreats, check out the following link on the Mater Dei website.