Club Rush begins tomorrow

Oliver Cary, Managing Editor & Senior Assistant to the Advisor

The annual Club Fair, which has been renamed Club Rush, will be tomorrow and Thursday during both lunches. During this time, students will have the opportunity to meet the leaders of the approximately 80 clubs on campus and sign up to get involved.

Tomorrow, humanitarian clubs will be recruiting students; two days later, the rest of the clubs – including social clubs, educational clubs, club sports, honors clubs, and academic teams – will have their booths set up.

“…they’re going to have music going [and] they’re going to have decorations out,” said Jeanette Costa, the associate director of activities.

It’s not just the name of the event that is changing this club season: There is a new and improved system that the ASB club commission, led by senior Derrick Adams, is implementing.

Adams said that one of the biggest changes coming to clubs is the inclusion of club meeting dates on the Student Zone calendar on Canvas.

In addition, Costa said, Monarch Television will be helping with marketing club events.

“Once a week on Monarch Television, we’re going to have a Costa’s Corner where we’re going to be going over any club information for the week [like] if there’s fundraisers … collections or anything like that,” she said.