Lights, Camera, Action! Making MDTV

Kristen Castillo, Kate Wasson, and Cesar Venegas


Mater Dei Television, better known as MDTV, is a daily broadcast that allows students and staff to stay engaged in the news and events of Mater Dei.

“MDTV is our daily show that basically gives you a feel of what goes on around Mater Dei everyday,” said MDTV teacher Christine Monge, “We’re also working on some segments that you’ll be seeing soon.”

The daily broadcast provides the school community with school news, events and announcements.

“MDTV is another source for students to get announcements for after school. Without MDTV, I think most kids would be lost,” commented freshman Luke O’Hara.

MDTV is not only for students, but produced by students. Students are responsible for filming,  producing and airing the show and with new equipment and an improved studio, MDTV is well on it’s way to creating more and better content.

“This year, we have brand-new news cameras that have many functions which can take some editing off of our hands,” added junior Victoria Gonzales, who has been a member of the MDTV family for two years.

From their hard working cast and crew to their advanced technology, MDTV has become an indispensable part of the Mater Dei experience. And under all those studio lights, the future of MDTV is bound to be bright.