Trump Elected President, America Headed in a New Direction


Kate Wasson, Editor-at-Large

On Nov. 8, voters decided the fate of the next four years and elected Donald Trump as their president. Donald Trump reached 279, while Hillary Clinton received 228.

The race began with polls closing on the east coast. As voters watched numbers pour in, Americans were within minutes of knowing their future leader.

At first, Trump and Hillary were close, votes away from each other. But as the southern states were called, Trump’s number grew larger.

The key states were Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin. These states were particularly difficult for Mitt Romney to clench in 2012.

In the past, Florida had always been the textbook swing state. Clinton, who spent the most of her campaign in Florida with speakers like Al Gore and President Obama, lost all 29 votes. This was a early shock to the Clinton campaign and a surprising win for Trump.

As for Pennsylvania, Clinton had just finished campaigning in Scranton with a performance by Bruce Springsteen. Despite her efforts, Clinton lost Pennsylvania to Trump.

Ohio, another battleground state, was a predictable Republican victory. It was no surprise that Trump won Ohio, as well.

The last of the key, battleground states was Wisconsin. In end, Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes was taken by Donald Trump by 48%.

Late Tuesday night, it was finally announced that Donald Trump had exceeded the 270 votes necessary to win the presidency.