First Jazz Band performance tonight at South Coast

Christian Ramirez, Staff reporter

The Jazz Band will have their first performance of the school year at 4:30 p.m. today at South Coast Plaza. At this performance, they will be playing during the Festival of Children, a month-long annual event held by the local Festival of Children Foundation in order to improve the lives of children.

According to senior Aidan Mulholland, who plays the Coskey flat trumpet, the band will be playing music by Duke Ellington, the Star Wars “Imperial March,” “Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy,” and “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land.

Director of Band Fernando Martinez said the songs for this afternoon’s performance were chosen based on the musicians’ levels of skill and what is currently popular.

“[We hope to] connect with the audience” Martinez said.

At the performance, Jazz Band students will play the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, drum, piano and bass.

Martinez said that Jazz Band students practice approximately six hours a week for performances. The players for the band are chosen based on their skills and audition for a spot on the band. The goals of the band – and the class in which students enroll – are to give players a full understanding of jazz and other genres of music.

“[It’s been the] best year I’ve been in it so far,” junior and trombone player Francis Dieugenio said. “Everyone is really dedicated [and] practicing their part at home.”

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