December Monarchs of the Month: Chris Barry and April Hernandez


Emma Moore and Lexi Perez

Seniors April Hernandez and Chris Barry were chosen as the December Monarchs of the Month on Dec. 4. Every month, faculty and staff nominate a senior boy and girl for Monarch of the Month, a tradition that recognizes students’ Monarch character as well as their accomplishments during their time at Mater Dei.

Drum major and Homecoming Queen chosen for her leadership roles on campus

April Hernandez never quits when it comes to music. Throughout her four years at the school, she’s been involved with every band MD has to offer, from jazz band to marching band. Over the summer,Director of Performing Arts Scott Melvin, along with Director of Instrumental Music Fernando Martinez, dubbed April the student drum major for this year. 

“I am the student drum major of the school this year, I’m in marching band, jazz band, any band honestly. I just participate in a lot of school activities,” Hernandez said. “I was also chosen to be president of the band.” 

Aside from band, April was voted this year’s Homecoming queen in October and takes a rigorous course schedule, including AP Spanish Literature, AP Music Theory, Honors Wind ensemble

“I honestly had no idea I was gonna get chosen for this,” Hernandez said. “It was just something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but now I have it.”

Principal Frances Clare said Hernandez was chosen at this month’s Monarch of the Month because she is a great leader who shares her skills and talents with the school.

“[She] cares about her school and fellow students,” Clare said.

After graduation, Hernandez will be attending Vanguard University.

“My ultimate goal is to really leave something behind,” Hernandez said.

Soccer player chosen for his charisma and involvement

Soccer, choir, ASB, and NHS – these are just a few of the ways that Chris Barry participates in on campus. He works to help achieve all of his team’s accomplishments.

Barry’s involvement doesn’t end with after school activities. He is also in several AP classes, including AP Government, Statistics, Computer Science and Chamber Singers.

“I’m in AP government,  AP statistics,  AP computer science,  Chamber Singers…” said Barry

Barry said he finds different ways to distribute his time to evenly balance all of his activities with school  this is what Principal Frances Clare used as a factor in her decision to make him Monarch of the Month

“[He is an] outstanding student,” Clare said. “[He’s] always compassionate towards fellow students.”

Barry explained that he never wanted to go anywhere other than MD. Having his family go to this school helped build a sense of community for them.

“I want to try to leave a positive impact so when I  leave Mater Dei and go off to college I can leave something behind,” Barry said.

Barry will be attending Northeastern University in the fall of next year.