Annual showcase recognizes various performing arts groups

Christian Ramirez, Staff reporter

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  • The cheer team performs at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Meruelo Athletic Center on February 22,2018. The Performing Arts Showcase recognizes the various students participating in performing arts, including the pep squad, the improv team, choir, All-Male Hip-Hop, the dance team, instrumental performance groups and theatre.

  • The improv team performs at the Performing Arts Showcase. ”When I was performing I felt a rush," senior Jack Chorbagian said. "It felt as I if I didn’t know what was going to happen, but at the same time I felt ready for it.”

  • Bel Canto performs their fall song at the showcase. "It’s kind of like an ethereal feeling," senior Angelina Phu said. "It's like you're up there [with] the lights and everything that you’ve worked on from rehearsals, to practicing at home to practicing with your friends and every single hour of it culminates up to this moment and honestly it is breathtaking. And kind of just lose yourself in the moment.”

  • The all-male hip-hop team performs.

  • The dance team grasps each other's hands as they perform their fall routine to the song "Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

  • Jazz band performs their fall music.

  • Girls barber shop group(Sarah Schulist, Alyssa Schickling, Lucy O’Hara, and Cammie Martinez). performs at the Showcase.

  • Senior Alexis Rangell-Onwuegbuzia recites “If They Should Come For Us” by Fatimah Asghar. "It felt really freeing to be able to perform a poem about cultural identity, even though that specific identity wasn’t my own.." Rangell-Onwuegbuzia said. "It felt good to be heard and express myself without being interrupted or shut down. It was also amazing to express my own reality through another writer’s words.“

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