Cheer team wins first ever CIF SS Championship


Courtesy of @md.cheer

WE'RE NUMBER 1: The varsity team poses with their CIF plaque. "The team hopes to make history and be the first cheer team to ever be CIF champions," Audrey Gubernick said.

Melanie Villasin, Staff reporter

In their inaugural season as part of the CIF Southern Section, the Monarch cheerleading squad placed first in the 1AA division led by Coach Katie Bowers.

According to the team, steadfast preparation and consistent goal-setting leading up the event contributed to their success.

“Our goal will always be to have a clean hit, not worry about what everyone else is doing, and stay focused on ourselves,” Bowers said. “This year’s motto has been ‘just hit,’ embedding into my athletes that anything less than your best will not be tolerated. Never settle for mediocrity, continue to want to be better than you were the day before. Improving with every competition has been our leading goal this season.”

At the CIF championship, the team had the opportunity to perform the routine that the cheer squad has been perfecting all season.

“…[it is] just like any other high school contest we compete in throughout the season,” junior Maya Alves said.

At the division championship, cheer teams from all over California are grouped by category and skill level, similar to other sports. CIF holds a full day competition where all schools compete the same day. Judges analyze each team’s routine for difficulty, precision, tumbling and stunting skill while assessing how well the team executes those skills. After the judges assemble the scores, the team with the highest overall score wins.

“The team has put in so many months of hard work and our ultimate goal is to hit our routine and hopefully bring home a win,” said senior Audrey Gubernick, one of the team’s co-captains. “…Success requires motivation, drive, and a commitment to literally not let your teammates down; their safety is in our hands. [Also,] because our scores depend on how difficult our routine is, we have to push ourselves to learn new and hard things.”

Practicing six days a week, the team’s intense workouts contribute to their continued accomplishments. Each practice consists of routines and activities to build endurance. Whether it’s running on the track or going to CrossFit, the cheerleaders are always working to build their strength in order to tumble and stunt. 

Gubernick and Alves said that winning CIF this year has allowed them to achieve their main personal objectives this season of supporting and leading their team toward continued success throughout competitions.

“I love helping my teammates gain new tumbling [and] stunting skills and seeing them grow as athletes,” Gubernick said. “I hope to have a successful last season here, gaining the first CIF title as a lasting legacy.”