Opinion: The Rams will beat the Patriots

Christian Ramirez, Staff reporter

On Feb. 3, 2019 the Rams will win the Super Bowl, even though the Patriots come in as the underdogs. The Rams offense has been very strong and lethal all season, ranked second in total offense all year. The defense has stars on their roster, with Aaron Donald racking up 20.5 sacks and being the most lethal defensive weapon all year. The Rams’ defense has really stepped up in the playoffs by stopping the Cowboys’ rush offense and keeping the Saints to only 23 points.

But, in order to win, the Rams’ secondary has to play better and Marcus Peters and Aquib Talib have to stop the pass game and work with Lamarcus Joyner and John Johnson III to stop the offense. Also, the offense has to try to outscore the Patriots, and the defense has to avoid making costly mistakes such as penalty on third down or in the red-zone.

The Rams have proved their offense and defense can defeat anyone. They proved this on Jan. 12 by defeating the Cowboys in the Divisional in a close match-up and winning 30-22. Then, the Rams moved on the conference championship against the Super Bowl favorite, Saints. On Jan. 20, the Saints took on the the Rams, the Rams won in an overtime victory over the Saints 26-23. Even though there were missed calls on both teams, an interception by Drew Brees in OT, gave the Rams the ball and let them drive down the field and score a field goal to end the game.

The Rams offense has been unstoppable all season, but their defense has had their flaws. To win they have to keep their offensive power going and their defense has to stop the run and pass game which will be difficult.

The Patriots have Tom Brady, which he is considered the greatest quarterback of all time. Their main pass options would be Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. If they are double covered they have a third option, Chris Hogan and the versatile running back James White. On the defensive side of the ball, the players that the Rams should pay attention to are. The McCourty Brothers, Kyle Van Noy and Stephon Gilmore. All-pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore has had a standout year racking two interceptions, two forced fumbles, 45 takes, and a career high of 20 passes defended. This defense can play great when given a chance, but the Rams have to find this defense’s weakness and exploit it.

Even though the Patriots have a strong defense, the Rams will find a way past it, with their young head coach Sean McVay. He has made the franchise better. He has made the strong Rams team into a contender with the addition of Marcus Peters, Aquib Talib, Ndamukong Suh, Brandin Cooks and Dante Fowler Jr.

In two weeks, Feb. 3, the Rams will be taking on the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. The Rams and Patriots faced off in the 2002 Super Bowl and, in a nail biter, the Patriots won due to an iconic last-minute field goal by Adam Vinatieri in the last seven seconds of the game. But the Rams will defeat the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII and get their revenge for Super Bowl XXXVI. The Rams will win 30-27 winning with a last minute field goal. Turning the tables on the Patriots, and beating them in a last second field goal.