Changes to Yell Leader program hope to hype up crowd

Abbie Harris and Danielle Jones

The Yell Leaders have been a vocal presence at every football game since the group was first started last school year. They’re dedicated to hyping up the student section with music, themed dress, and cheers. One way they have been encouraging school spirit is by implementing new themes for each game.

Many of the changes this year have occurred under the new leadership of English teacher Christine Waldron.

One of the new changes is that Yell Leaders will be divided by sport to ensure that the Yell Leaders can bring their best energy to each game. For example, the leaders at the football games will sometimes be different than the students that lead the cheers at volleyball or basketball games

“Our overall goal for the year is to increase student and crowd involvement,” Waldron said. “We’re working on creating posters and signs to be used in the student section as well as contests for the ‘most spirited’ student to win.”

At games, students can see the group of Yell Leaders on the field with microphones, performing right on the sidelines next to the cheerleaders. However, this year leaders will also be immersed in the student section.

Senior Yell Leader Kylie Eggers describes her experience on the field as “kind of nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time.”

“We have started to look at a few schools that have amazing student sections and seeing what they do and [making] them our own… all of which we are in the process of working out,” Eggers said.”

The Yell Leaders are always encouraging suggestions; if students have ideas as to how they can improve, they can contact Waldron at [email protected]

See the Yell Leaders in action tomorrow when varsity football takes on Orange Lutheran High School at the Santa Ana Bowl at 7 p.m.