Improv program joins competitive ComedySportz

Ellie Crabbe, Content Editor/ Digital Manager

The new and improved improv program has started rehearsing this week for their upcoming season as a ComedySportz contender.

ComedySportz is the largest improv training program for high school students in California. The high school league allows students to “create their own theatre and nourishes their communication skills through improvisational theatre workshops and performances,” according to the ComedySportz website.

In the past, the improv program has put on shows for the school, showcasing their original work at “ShortsFest;” however, this year, the program has transitioned into a competitive setting with ComedySportz. According to the improv group’s team manager junior Rory Dahl, ComedySportz is “one of those Model UN-type or JSA-type organizations.”

Director of Theatre Lissa Slay will be the adviser until ComedySportz sends the team a coach.

This year, the team has been more selective during the audition process and has been increasing the involvement.

“We will be doing improv like we have had it in the past but in a more competitive manner,” Dahl said.

According to Dahl they will be splitting into teams of four groups and completing with themselves or students from other schools to prepare for competitions. As of right now the team practices once a week after school.

“At practices we play games and map out how things should be and skill, then when we get closer to a show we really amp it up,” Dahl said.

At a typical show, two teams will compete against each other and based off audience participation the winner will be declared. There is always a ref onstage to call out anyone being crude.

“I think with all of our new changes and new talent our season is looking really good,” Dahl said. “I can’t wait to start competing.”