Raising Confidence and Money for Charity through Improv

Olivia Mosesman, Staff Writer

The Mater Dei Improv team, known for their humor and charity, looks to future with excitement at their season ahead.

“We do performances and raise money for charity using improvisational comedy techniques,” said Vicente Saintignon, co-president of Improv Club.

Improv Club raises money for charity with other clubs on campus at their show, Chuckles for Charity, which they usually have around the holidays. Chuckles for Charity costs around $3-5 at the door, and all of the proceeds go to the charity they sponsor.

“As it’s always been said, laughter is the best medicine,” Saintignon said.

Saintignon has been involved in Improv for a year and a half. Improv aims to make their audience laugh through their shows. Saintignon believes that you should laugh every now and then. Improv has been a confidence booster for him.

“I definitely started off very humbly. I was very new to it, and now looking back, I’m much more confident,” Saintignon said.

Being in Improv has helped all members of the club gain confidence and become more independent performers.

“I became a little more independent,” junior Improv member Jack Uribe said.

For Uribe, improv has helped not only gain character, but entertain the community. He has been on Improv for a year.

“It’s helped me to think a little bit more on my feet… it’s a lot of thinking on your feet and having to respond very quickly to whatever’s going on around you,” Uribe said.

At their shows, Improv takes suggestions from the audience, and they make a comedic scene using improvisational games and techniques.

“It’s a really rewarding experience for the students,” said Joe Alanes, director of theater.

Alanes, along with moderator Danny Campbell, coordinate everything that has to do with improv. As the director of theatre, Alanes oversees all of the theatre events which include Improv events.

“It’s just really great to help the students do what they love and to grow as artists, and to make a difference in the community. It really helped me grow as a teacher,” said Alanes.

Alanes has been involved with Improv and Theatre for all of the five years he has been at Mater Dei. He helps them at their rehearsals every Wednesday, making sure everything they do is on task, and helping them grow as a group and a team.

The Improv club will be hosting an event this winter so be sure to make your calendar for their next performance.