In football, defense wins championships

Christian Ramirez, Staff reporter

This Saturday, the varsity team will be taking on De La Salle for the title of state champion. To win the game, the team needs to play strong on both sides of the ball. The defense needs to play well and not give up big yard gains and get the stop on third down. Turnovers are the key to win. Offense needs to drive down the field and score and try not to turn over the ball. Converting third and fourth downs are essential.

During the season, we faced Bosco and our defense was outmatched by Bosco’s potent offense. In CIF, we faced Bosco again and the team took control and offense and defense played well. With no defense, teams will be giving up big points every game, and you can’t always rely on the offense to make up the points. Defense wins championships and there’s no doubt about that.

Defense can make an impact for both sides of the ball. It can make or break a team’s chances of winning and it is crucial for all players to cooperate with each other.

In fact, many say that defense wins championships because of the different things they are able to take control of. For example, players can force a fumble and even score touchdown through interceptions. Defense has the opportunity to control a game.

“Defense’s job is to give the offense a chance to win the game,” varsity football Defensive Coordinator Eric Johnson said. “IMG is a good example of that. They were driving down the field, we held them to a field goal and then offense got the ball back. Defense’s job is to put the offense in position to win the game.”

Offense can put points up but it is the defense’s job to make a play that could impact the game. For example, they prevent the opposing team from gaining yards and converting to a first down. 

Many teams take advantage of the positions differently, but in high school offense is the most popular.

“In the NFL, defense wins championships but in the high school level teams use offense to win championships for example centennial uses their offense to win games,” Johnson said.

Even if you do not have good defense, you could still contend but the lack of effort or talent on defense, offense will have to make up for the lack of ability.

Offense and defense can make a big splash in the clutch but it always comes down to the team coming together to win. The team’s chemistry always counts when the game is on the line.

“The team wins championships [because it consists] of great defense, productive offense that moves the chains and scores, and great special teams, but you can’t win without defense or a productive offense,” Coach Bruce Rollinson said.